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Every Lifebuoy teaches hand washing in schools

This humble bar of soap, an unsung handwashing hero, can help limit prevent the spread of infection causing germs. By washing your hands with Lifebuoy, you’re helping The National Schools Hygiene and Sanitation Programme teach the importance of good hand hygiene habits to millions of young lives.

Purpose scene washing hands. Lifebuoy SKU. Every Lifebuoy teaches hand washing in schools.

Helping kids develop good hand hygiene habits

Hygiene habits, they’re all about education, education, education. The National Schools Hygiene and Sanitation Programme focuses on creating long-lasting hygiene behaviour changes by teaching children the importance of handwashing with soap on a regular occasion. Through this, kids learn how good hygiene habits can help dramatically reduce the spread of germs and prevent them falling sick, meaning they can attend and enjoy school more often.

Lifebuoy female character washing hands with the Lifebuoy SKU.

Now reaching over 12 million learners a year

Lifebuoy has been working together with the Department of Basic Education for a number of years to instill proper handwashing practices. In 2020 Lifebuoy celebrated having reached over three million Grade 1 learners through the National Schools Hygiene and Sanitation Programme. Also reaffirming their commitment to ensure handwashing with soap becomes a lesson learned early and one that nobody forgets.

Lifebuoy also announced their expansion strategy of the handwashing education programme, enabling the partnership to reach 23 000 schools and 12 million learners from Grade R to Matric. Lifebuoy and the Department of Basic Education have elevated hand hygiene by driving social behaviour programmes among learners. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Lifebuoy has donated over 2 million soaps and hand sanitizer’s to the value of R40 million to assist staff and learners, and together with UNICEF, it will provide new handwashing stations to several schools to the value of R1 million donation.

Using Lifebuoy, helps spread good hygiene habits to millions more

The importance of good hygiene habits can’t be overstated—that little bar of soap, used at the right time, is all it takes to help save millions of young lives. We’ve already brought that vital hygiene message to 426 million people, and with your help we can continue to reach even more in countries across the world.

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