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Flora products contain Omega 3 and 6 that help keep your heart healthy.

Flora is a leading heart vitality brand and has a strong heritage of heart care in South Africa. Developed by Unilever in the early 1960’s as a heart-friendly alternative to butter and lard, it was the first spread produced with a high polyunsaturated fat content.

Flora is made from a nutritious blend of Omega-3 and Omega-6 seed oils containing the essential good fats your body needs. Flora has a wide range of variants for its loyal consumer base including Flora Regular, Flora Light, Flora Extra Light, Flora Olive, Flora Pro-activ and Flora Gold.

Flora Gold is a newest spread in the range, launched in 2013. IT has added buttermilk for a delicious buttery taste, offering South Africans a great tasting spread with 70% less saturated fat than butter.

The Flora range is endorsed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa and carries the Heart Mark in recognition of their contribution to heart health in South Africa. 

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Flora Pro-activ

Flora Pro-activ is part of the Flora range of spreads targeted at consumers with elevated cholesterol levels.

It is a great tasting low-fat spread containing plant sterols that play a vital role in cholesterol reduction and maintenance.

The plant sterols in Flora Pro-activ actively remove cholesterol from the body by partly blocking the absorption of cholesterol in the gut. The cholesterol that is not absorbed is removed from the body, resulting in a lowering of the total LDL “bad” cholesterol.

Flora Pro-activ has been clinically proven to lower cholesterol by up to 15% in just 3 weeks when consuming 25grams a day over 21 days and combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Over 40 clinical trials to date have proven the cholesterol lowering effect of Flora Pro-activ.

No other food lowers cholesterol more than Flora Pro.activ.

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