Strength and Quality in every cup.

With a rich heritage in black tea, Joko has been inspiring and supporting South African women for over 100 years. This is because the master-blenders at Joko select only “One in a Thousand leaves” to provide that strong sip in every cup. Joko understands that there is a lot to pack in a day. Sometimes it is essential to take a step back, have a cup of Joko and find your inner strength.

For over a hundred years Joko has given women the strength they need to get through the day - to get to work and back, to get their children ready for school then ready for bed, to get hearty meals on the table, to get themselves and their families where they need to be in life. By providing women with a good quality, strong cup of tea when they need it most, Joko gives women on-the-go the strength to keep moving.

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