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For over a hundred years Joko has given women the strength they need to get through the day - to get to work and back, to get their children ready for school then ready for bed, to get hearty meals on the table, to get themselves and their families where they need to be in life. By providing women with a good quality, strong cup of tea when they need it most, Joko gives women on-the-go the strength to keep moving.

With the scourge of domestic violence against women in South Africa, Joko has decided to play its part in helping women of strength in these abusive relationships by helping create safe spaces for women to be heard. #EndDomesticSilence is an initiative in partnership with POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse) to make a significant impact towards ending the silence surrounding domestic violence because tea and conversations go together.

Joko’s social mission is to leverage the strength of Joko tea to harness the power of conversations to help reduce domestic violence and the stigma faced by survivors. It aims to do this through the #EndDomesticSilence initiative by harnessing both the strength of South African women and the immense power of humble conversations in which women facing domestic violence are listened to, believed, and supported.

  • Joko is using newly branded red and purple packs to drive awareness around the need for women in abusive relationships to end their silence.
  • Joko is donating R1 from every Joko 100’s pack sold to POWA to create more safe spaces in which women can feel secure enough to end their silence.
  • A Joko website dedicated to the purpose, gives women essential information around domestic violence abuse (remove abuse) and advises them on how to either get or to give help. Visit
  • Joko is engaging with prominent SA women to champion #EndDomesticSilence in their own ways.

Together, with the help of all its consumers, Joko aims to make a real difference to fight domestic violence against women in South Africa.

Follow the #EndDomesticSilence journey here.

In addition to following the #EndDomesticSilence journey on Joko social media pages as shown above, you can also follow the journey with our new partner POWA here:

POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse)




Facebook: POWA


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