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Moms around South Africa trust Rama to add that special flavour to their school sandwiches and home cooking. It all began back in 1970’s when Rama hit the shelves as a full fat brick butter alternative. Rama stepped up to the dinner plate and created the first ever yellow margarine in the country. It wasn’t long before it was flying off the shelves and into moms’ fridges.

In 2016, we thought it was time for a new look. Why? To enforce what we all know to be true: Rama is not only the tastiest choice of margarine but it’s also a source of 9 vitamins and is now including Omega 3 for growth and development of kids. Omega 3 is an essential fat which means it cannot be produced by the body but is essentially needed to maintain optimal body health.

Go on, give it a try: you’ll taste the difference in your cooking, baking and sandwiches straight away.

Our range includes:

  1. Rama Original
  2. Rama Spread for Bread
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