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Comfort is the first of its kind in South Africa – a concentrated fabric conditioner that contains Encapsulated Fragrance Technology for long-lasting freshness.

Comfort is concentrated

Comfort has a unique concentrated formula therefore there is no need to dilute it. One small cap is all you need for softness and long lasting freshness. Being a concentrate also means that it comes in a smaller, more convenient bottle. Less plastic is used to produce the packaging thus having less of an impact on the environment.

Release bursts of freshness as you move

Comfort has a delightfully fresh fragrance that is formulated to keep your clothes fresher for longer thanks to its Encapsulated Fragrance Technology. Micro-sized fragrance capsules soak deep into clothes’ fabric fibres during the wash cycle and break to release bursts of freshness as you move. Comfort Concentrate is available in 3 fresh fragrances: Morning Fresh, Elegance and Exotic Gold.

Pure Comfort

Comfort is also available in a dermatologically tested variant called Comfort Pure. Wrap your skin in gentle softness with an enriched formula that will leave your clothes soft and smelling fresh.

The freshest range around

The entire Comfort range is available in 400ml and 800ml bottles. Morning Fresh and Elegance variants are also available in 40ml one-wash sachets.

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