Remember when you were a child? How you were free to explore, returning home covered in dirt and other stains that you wore like the badges of an intrepid discoverer?

Dirt is good!

At OMO, we want you and your little ones to embrace the mess and see the value of getting dirty. Why? We believe that every stain represents significant experiences that shape their development. Mud stains are the stamp of adventure; grass stains are the sign of exploration, and fruit stains are the aftermath of discovery. Messy play is an integral part of children's early childhood development. It allows kids' imaginations to soar while helping to shape and mould social, creative and thinking skills.

The idea that dirt is good isn't only a catchphrase for OMO. It lies at the core of our brand, supported by patent-protected technology that gives your kids the freedom to get dirty, safe in the knowledge that OMO will remove those tough stains after a day filled with messy play. Omo's superior formulation offers South Africa's best-ever stain removal - cleaning deep inside pockets, where kids often store their little discoveries.

We believe in making dirt a proud mark of a life fully lived! Trust OMO to take care of the tough stains again and again.

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