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The spice people

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Bringing the flavours of the world to our consumers spice racks

Robertsons is a South African brand of herbs and spices with a history that dates back to 1924. Over the years the Robertsons ship logo has established itself as a guarantee of high quality herbs and spices.

Since 1924 our Robertsons Spice Experts have journey around the world in search of only the finest and purest herbs & spices.

The knowledge of Herbs & Spices have been handed down through the generations and the Spice People at Robertsons have proven through the decades to deliver only the very best to its consumers - they offer their consumers over 60 different types of flavours and flavour combinations. As a result, today Robertsons is South Africa's biggest and Best loved brand bringing the flavours of the world to our consumers spice racks.

ROBERTSONS is as South African as braaivleis and sunny skies. Over the years the ROBERTSONS ship has come to signify top quality herbs and spices you can trust to add mouthwatering flavour and aroma to your cooking.

In 2010 Robertsons teamed up with well known food celebrity and Cape Town based chef Cass Abrahams to bring locals a range of spicy cooking demonstrations and recipe tips.

Robertsons is proud to announce that this winning partnership will continue in 2011 with a host of Heart FM radio cooking slots, recipe cards in Kuier magazine and cooking demonstrations at the Hotel School in Granger Bay.

Through each of these channels, Cass shares her winning Robertsons Combinations and gives listeners and readers her tips on how to create the perfect combination of flavour using Robertsons Herbs and Spices as well as some exciting and mouthwatering recipes.

Cass is well known to Capetonians and has a personality as zesty as her beloved spices and prizes herself on being a specialist in Cape Malay cuisine and culture. Her biggest inspiration in cooking has been from watching her mother-in-law in the kitchen and she draws further inspiration from the rich history and mélange of flavours that South Africa has to offer.

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