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You are on the first step of your potential future career. Before applying, please watch this video to see what’s in store if you apply for a job with us - when finished, click on the 'apply' link below to put yourself forward for either our graduate or internship scheme.

Application process

Through our innovative approach in UFLP Digital Selection we will recruit the very best young talent for the future using gamification, video interviews and big data to give us deep insight into candidates to make the best hiring decisions in a VUCA world.

Better hiring decisions will help us to double our business, reduce our environmental footprint and become the No.1 Employer of Choice in 50 markets by 2020.

Unlike other graduate recruiters in this highly competitive market, we will offer a pioneering, quick, simple and engaging digital selection experience focussed on the candidate with feedback at each stage to help both the successful and unsuccessful candidate grow and learn from the selection journey with us. The experience is two-way and gives candidates the opportunity to learn more about working with Unilever whilst recruiters are supported by reliable and robust data leading to higher quality candidates in the final.

Application process summary

1. Online application

Complete the online application form. It is a simple and easy process, with the quick option of filling out personal details using your LinkedIn profile. You may only apply to one function in your application and the types of functions available varies according to each region.

2. Profile assessment

Play 12 short online games that look at different elements of your cognitive, emotional and social traits, which form part of your profile assessment. These will help to evaluate your level of fit for the UFLP, as well as the suitable function for you. You will receive personalised feedback after completing the games.

3. Digital interview

You will be asked to solve real-world problems using Unilever scenarios, giving you the the chance to learn more about our company culture and the way we do business.

The digital interview will be split into two components, which consists of three short hypothetical questions, followed by a business case. You’ll be able to record and complete your interview anytime (up until a deadline we’ll set) and anywhere, whichever suits you best. All you need is a computer, webcam and/or smartphone, and most importantly, a good and stable internet connection.

These exercises are designed around a real business case study, enabling us to assess your potential, while giving you a further insight into what it is like to work in Unilever.

Application help

You can speed up your application by having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. Follow these tips for more on how to make the best of your application to Unilever's Future Leaders Programme.

How to get the best out of your application

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