Information Technology

"We have an amazing opportunity to start turning what are really exciting creative concepts for marketing into technological executions.”

Alex Dinsdale, Digital Planning Manager

Unilever Information Technology (IT) is a truly integrated function that puts innovation at the heart of what we do to drive our competitive advantage.

Our global function employs more than 1,700 employees in a diverse range of roles and projects. You could be exploring emerging markets and new ways to work globally, partnering a major retailer to develop web-enabled tools for promotions planning, or helping to support our brands’ digital presence.

We leverage state-of-the-art technology to support Unilever’s sustainability and Agile Working agendas.

Chief Technology Office

Here we manage technology deployment to support Unilever’s business goals. This stretches from identifying emerging technologies and techniques to implementing change initiatives and setting policy.


Our innovation team evaluates functions and processes within the business and identifies improvement opportunities to drive business growth.

Geography-based business partnering

IT Business Partners provide advice and leadership to ensure IT products and services are fully leveraged.


Our services team is responsible for partnering with service providers to continuously improve service delivery.

Brands around the world

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We've won more employer awards this year than ever before. We're the biggest European FMCG in the world, and are rated #1 by Climate Counts for our sustainability initiatives.

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