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A career at Unilever

To reach our ambition of doubling the size of our business and halving our environmental footprint, we need people with a winning mindset, a passion for consumers and an appetite to drive personal performance.

A career at Unilever will see you join one of the world’s most attractive employers. We have gained our reputation as one of the world's most admired employers by providing an environment where individuals can achieve their goals, both professionally and personally.

At Unilever we offer you more ways to take advantage of development opportunities, more room to succeed and grow, attractive reward and benefits packages and numerous directions in which to pursue a career, made by you.

Our Culture

Our values guide our people in the judgments, decisions and actions they take every day. They underpin everything we say and do.


We are committed to integrity because it creates our reputation, so we never compromise on it. It defines how we behave, wherever we are. It guides us to do the right thing for the long-term success of Unilever.


We are committed to respect because people should be treated with dignity, honesty and fairness. We celebrate the diversity of people, and we respect people for who they are and what they bring.


We are committed to responsibility because we want to take care of our consumers, customers and employees, as well as the environment and the communities in which we operate. We take this personally and always do what we say we will do.


We are committed to the pioneering spirit because it created us and still drives us as a business. It gives us the passion for winning and for creating a better future. It means that we are always willing to take intelligent risks.


We are the company responsible for some of the world's best-known brands including Magnum, Hellmann's, Pond's and Comfort. In total we have more than 400 brands, 12 of which each have sales of more than of €1 billion a year. Our more than 250 factories produce, for example, 130,000 tea bags every minute, 1 billion deodorants annually and 2 billion Magnums every year. Many of our brands have long-standing social missions, which we encourage our employees to be a part of, such as Lifebuoy's drive to promote hygiene through handwashing with soap.


Innovation is at the heart of our future success and we invest nearly €1 billion every year in research and development (R&D) to ensure our brands and products meet our consumers' diverse needs. A recent success story includes Dove Damage Therapy shampoo, which contains fibre actives which actually penetrate the hair fibre and repair from it within.

Sustainability is at the heart of how we do business at Unilever. As part of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP), we work closely with suppliers and NGOs, invest in local economies and develop people's skills, inside and outside Unilever.


Our sustainable business approach also includes how we work. We believe in Agile Working, a flexible approach to getting work done that allows any employee to work anytime, from anywhere, as long as business needs are met. By giving people freedom and choice around how and where they work, we're creating a culture focused on performance and results rather than time and attendance. It also reduces our reliance on travel, which is good news for the environment. We are investing in new collaboration technologies, innovatively designed workplaces, and highly flexible and empowering HR practices.


We are committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees and improving their health through better diets, work practices and lifestyles.

Our products are sold in more than 190 countries, with 2.5 billion consumers worldwide using a Unilever product every day.

With sustainability integral to our way of doing business, we're proud to say the brands that are building sustainability into their offer are performing well. For example, Lifebuoy, our concentrated liquid detergents, and Comfort all grew double digit in 2011.

Employee performance is also critical for business growth. We do everything we can to help you succeed in a career, made by you.


Your progress is important, so we invest time and effort in supporting you to perform well and build your capabilities. Performance and Development Planning (PDP) helps you make the most of your working life at Unilever. The process supports you in identifying and delivering against challenging goals that impact the organisation. It helps you plan how you'll develop skills and leadership behaviours for your current position and for the years ahead.


Standards of Leadership are behaviours we expect to see in our employees. They drive our performance and culture.


This is competitive leadership. It's a positive, yet realistic, attitude about the company's future. It's passion for winning.


This is purpose-driven leadership. It's externally focused on consumers, on customers. It's seeing our brands through their eyes.


This is action-driven leadership. It's a sense of urgency in decision-making. It's thoughtful action, intelligent risk-taking.


This is performance-driven leadership. It's staring reality in the eye. It's owning Unilever's overall performance.


This is people-driven leadership. It's investing in people's development. It's building teams that pull together to win.

Diversity at Unilever is about inclusion, embracing differences, creating possibilities and growing together for better business performance.

Unilever is committed to becoming a truly diverse and inclusive company. This is not only just the right thing to do, it's crucial to helping us reach our target of doubling the size of our business while reducing our environmental impact.

To deliver these business goals, it is vital we have people with the right talent, skills and creativity. We believe that having a gender-balanced, engaged workforce that reflects our consumer base is a critical element of our long-term growth strategy.

Creating an inclusive environment that enables all individuals to perform to their full potential, irrespective of who they are, will help us win equitably and sustainably.

We embrace diversity in our workforce. This means giving full and fair consideration to all applicants and continuing development of all employees regardless of gender, nationality, race, creed, disability, style or sexuality.

Our commitment is set out in our Code of Business Principles.

Reward at Unilever

We are building a winning culture, in which every employee is encouraged to grow to his or her full potential. We have developed a performance-based reward structure that recognises people have delivered results and have the right values for our business.

Our goal is to deliver Unilever's promise to consumers and the world through a pioneering employment experience that our competitors wish they had.

That means we don't just encourage employees to give us feedback, we have developed leading-edge tools to help us hear clearly how reward feels from the point of view of our people.

We also offer employees attractive incentives. If the company does well in meeting its goals, our total pay should be around the top quarter of the market. That means that pay for highly rated people making an exceptional contribution will be towards the top of the market range. If we all work together to deliver excellent results for Unilever, we will be well rewarded.

Sustainable Living Plan

Sustainable living plan

We've created an approach to help make sustainable living more commonplace

“I’m proud of working for unilever for the way in which we face global challenges head on. There are real resources, effort and energy put behind driving sustainability and diversity agendas. You can really feel that effect throughout the company.”

Douglas De Bruyn, Supply Chaın Manager

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We've won more employer awards this year than ever before. We're the biggest European FMCG in the world, and are rated #1 by Climate Counts for our sustainability initiatives.

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