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PONDS’s on delayed sun damage


POND’S exposes sun’s damaging effects to skin long after sun exposure.

Unilever POND'S Team

South Africa, Monday 13 June – Recent scientific studies found that the sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage skin’s deepest layers for more than 12 hours – even after leaving the sun or going indoors. This phenomenon is called Delayed Sun Damage, and it is the new enemy to having flawless skin.

POND’S held an intimate media event at Emoyeni in Johannesburg on Thursday, 9 June where renowned dermatologist, Dr. Pholile Mpofu helped to educate women about the dangers of Delayed Sun Damage to facial skin, as well as how to repair existing damage and protect skin from future harm.

“We all know that the sun is dangerous to our skins. The new truth is that skin damage continues to happen 3 to 10 hours after you already think you’ve escaped the sun,” she said at the event.

Through this campaign, POND’S aims to arm women in South Africa with confidence and assurance that when they step outside, they won’t need to worry about the detrimental effects of Delayed Sun Damage. The POND’S Institute is the first to develop a solution for Delayed Sun Damage that repairs sun damage and protects skin from further delayed UV damage.

When skin is exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays, it can burn and darken on the outermost layers. A chain of biological reactions are activated beneath the skin’s surface to cause immediate and lasting damage even at the skin’s deepest layers.

PONDs Research and delevopment team with Dr Mpofu

UVA rays cause the immediate damage visible to the naked eye, such as a sunburn and tan, while UVB rays have a delayed damaging effect following sun exposure. As a result of Delayed Sun Damage, dark spots will start to surface, pores will look larger, and the overall skin tone will appear duller, robbing the skin of its natural glow.

“Many moisturisers protect skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays, but that is far from enough,” said Kathleen Mackenzie, of Unilever Research and Development, South Africa, “Scientists from The POND’S Institute developed POND’S flawless radiance Visible Even Tone Day Cream to give women a unique facial moisturiser that protects and repairs from deep within the skin long after sun exposure, clinically proven to provide flawless even tone skin in seven days.”

POND’S flawless radiance Visible Even Tone Day Cream offers women sun protection, epidermal repair, and nourishment for their face – all in one product. This breakthrough formula developed by scientists at The POND’S Institute delivers a luxurious, light cream that protects and repairs facial skin all day long – during and after sun exposure – at the deepest epidermal layers to ensure the outermost layers look flawless.

The unique combination of seven derma-strong actives, including skin conditioners (e.g. allantoin, glycerol) to hydrate and soothe skin, anti-oxidants (e.g. Vitamin C, Vitamin E) to increase skin renewal and restore skin cells, skin tone evening agents (e.g. Vitamin B3) and sunscreens (against both UVA and UVB), enhance skin clarity by fading dark spots and blemishes, smoothens skin texture by diminishing pore size, and improves skin tone by illuminating and evening skin.

Beautiful Habits was the theme of the day and psychologist Tshepiso Matentjie illustrated how the habits a woman keeps, truly make all the difference in keeping her beautiful inside and out.

“Your skin is projecting out there,” she said, “It tells me how you are engaging with the world, how healthy you are in the environment you’re in. When you are actually looking for things that enrich, that build, that heal, that help you to progress, it shows on the outside. Check your routines of daily life, because they become your habits.”

Fashion and beauty blogger Thithi Nteta chatted with MC Pearl Modiadie about her recent experience in New York as a POND’S Insider.

“There were women there from all over the world and they were all there to experience and learn more about the brand,” she said, “It was very eye-opening and empowering. Being exposed to the PONDS Institute gave me so much information and just made me trust the brand more.”

1Brash, D.E. (2015). Chemiexcitation of melanin derivatives induces DNA photoproducts long after UV exposure. Science, 347(6224), pp. 842-847.

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