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Hellmann’s takes center stage


RockYourBurger Truck

On Saturday, 28th of May 2016, International Burger Day, Hellmann’s, the world’s number one mayonnaise officially launched its #RockYourBurger campaign to show South Africa how to ‘bring out the best’ in their food. The brand took center stage with the launch of their innovative Food Truck, hosting the country’s top foodies, fundies and fans in the culinary heart of Braamfontein, Neighbourgoods Market.

A usual market day was lifted to new heights as Hellmann’s took to the stage to introduce curious guests to the Hellmann’s #RockYourBurger Truck. In true Hellmann’s style, this is no ordinary burger truck. The amped up burger experience includes personalized ‘burger buns’, an electrifying ‘miniature burger stage’ and the ‘best’ burgers thanks to unmistakable smooth texture and rich and creamy taste of Hellmann’s.

Combining food tradition with modern-age technology

The Hellmann’s #RockYourBurger Truck combines food tradition with modern-age technology. While the iconic mayonnaise helps to elevate the taste experience, a first-of-its kind Selfie Burger Machine toasts your selfie onto the burger bun for a truly rock and roll burger that’s as good on the palate as it is on Instagram.

The miniature RockYourBurger stage is kitted out with rock star concert bells and whistles and allows fans to give their burgers a final moment in the spotlight before they share their unique, one-of-a-kind rocking burger online.

A light-hearted Battle of the Burger challenge saw three celebrity-media teams, each led by three local SA food fundies, battle it out over the grills. The Rolling Buns, Food Fighters and the Ramayones were pitted against each other to design, create and plate their most Rocking Burgers, for a cause.

Creating a wholesome experience

The ‘Best’ Burger, as voted by twitter fans and event judges (Cath Grenfell, Hellmann’s Christine Van Niekerk and celebrity judge) took the winning spot on the Hellmann’s #RockYourBurger Truck menu. The burger will be sold throughout the campaign from the truck along side the Hellmann’s Classic Burger and Hellmann’s Cheese Burger. Proceeds from the sale of the Charity Challenge Burger will be donated to the Outreach Foundation, a Hillbrow-based Community project that offers support and development in the Arts (music, art and drama) to uplift the lives of the youth in the local community.

The Hellmann’s #RockYourBurger Truck and its pumped up burger experience will be travelling to music festivals, markets, foodie events and street fairs around South Africa for the next 12 months, starting in Gauteng. Passionate food fanatics keen to get a bite out of the action can track its movements on the Hellmann’s online and social platforms.

Adding richness to food experiences

“Our team is passionate about ensuring Hellmann’s adds richness to food experiences all around South Africa, which is what inspired the #RockYourBurger campaign,” said Christine Van Niekerk, Marketing Director of Spreads and Dressings at Unilever South Africa. “As Richard Hellmann once believed, life should be lived ‘less ordinary’ and so food should be celebrated and enjoyed ‘less ordinary’ too.

The #RockYourBurger campaign aims to bring extraordinary food experiences to fans around the country as we hope to inspire and Bring Out The Best in food moments. We have supported the launch with a 360 degree campaign supported across television, print, activation, digital and PR,” completes Van Niekerk.

Little did Richard Hellmann know in 1903 when we created Hellmann’s that over a century later the very same recipe would still be helping to lift food experiences as the most loved, preferred and trusted mayonnaise in the world. To this day, Hellmann’s is about making this simple pleasure even more wonderful, by adding a touch of richness.

The superior mayonnaise is made with real, simple and high quality ingredients such as barn eggs and unique oils and vinegar, providing Hellmann’s with an unmistakably smooth texture and rich and creamy taste. Only Hellmann’s brings a touch of richness to your cooking, baking or preparation; it will elevate your ‘great meal’ to your ‘best meal’.

More about Hellmann’s

  • Hellmann’s was created in 1903, by Richard Hellmann (German by birth) in his New York Deli.
  • Hellmann’s was freshly produced in small batches every day and was first sold by the pound in small wooden boats to local housewives. It is the exact same recipe today.
  • Hellmann’s is sold to 450 million consumers around the world in over 50 countries.
  • Hellmann’s quality is symbolised by the Blue Ribbon that Richard Hellmann only used to mark his absolute best items in his Deli – the packaging still holds this iconic symbol today.
  • The #RockYourBurger truck burgers are made with AAA-grade South African beef and the unique bun recipe is designed to ‘Bring Out The Best’ together with Hellmann’s
  • Even Suzelle DIY loves Hellmann’s mayonnaise. View Suzelle DIY’s How to Make the Ultimate Burger video featuring Hellmann’s
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