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Dove’s Nutritive Solutions


With Dove’s Nutritive Solutions, beautifully nourished, healthy hair that gets better day after day, can be yours.

Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair

What if there was a range of products that not only offered instant damage repair solutions but also long term benefits of hair that is stronger, healthier, and more beautiful day after day?

Dove Nutritive Solutions does just that – it’s a unique range of hair care products that delivers beautiful hair through instant repair and progressive nourishment, so hair is healthier with every wash. Dove Nutritive Solutions marks a new era for Dove Hair in the journey towards achieving superior care: products that continue to deliver help for instant damage repair but also provide the added benefit of progressive nourishment for hair - be it dry or damaged.

There are four unique product collections within the Dove Nutritive Solutions range:

Intensive Repair: is the best solution in the core range for damaged hair. The formulas deeply nourish and help to repair even the most damaged hair*

* Refers to the signs of damage

Daily Moisture: protects normal hair from the daily wear and tear of life and nourishes it to make hair softer and 5x smoother*

* Shampoo & Conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo

Colour Care: is designed to provide progressive nourishment to coloured hair and nourishes hair to keep colour vibrant for up to 10 weeks*

* Shampoo & Conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo

Nourishing Oil Care: treats frizzy and unruly hair, by progressively nourishing hair at the deepest level, smoothing up to 100% of roughness and controlling frizz*.

* Shampoo & Conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo

Each collection in the Dove Nutritive Solutions range not only moisturises and repairs the surface damage caused by daily grooming, hair styling, colouring and chemical treatments, but also nourishes and restores hair from within, wash after wash.

Dove uses Nutri Keratin Actives that work immediately to repair the hair surface while deeply nourishing the core of your hair to reconstruct it from within and make it healthier in the long-run.

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