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POND’S Perfect Colour Complex


Introducing Ayanda Thabethe as the face of POND’S Perfect Colour Complex

Woman standing next to Pond's sign

South Africa, August 2017 – Ayanda Thabethe is an actress, model, business owner and now, a POND’S brand ambassador for our Perfect Colour Complex range. Ayanda was selected as a brand ambassador for POND’S because like many South African Women, she leads a busy and demanding lifestyle and is therefore exposed to the outdoors daily, which can cause 10 of the toughest dark mark problems that this campaign aims to emphasize.

Our skin is facing up to a harsh environment, driving the need for an innovative solution that gives skin the strength to conquer this modern world and tackle accelerated damage caused by today’s harsh environment.

It’s shocking what 10 minutes in this harsh environment can do to our skin. The Pond’s Institute has discovered that skin is not adapted for the modern world we live in - 10 minutes of exposure to today’s harsh environment is all it takes to trigger 10 of the toughest dark mark problems. More than ever, women need an expert solution to combat skin damage caused by aggressors such as pollution and UV radiation.

The new Pond’s Perfect Colour Complex, contains an improved formulation developed by The Pond’s Institute, enabling women to combat this harsh reality so that they can face this world, with a beautiful glow.

Made with an advanced Vitamin B3+ formula, containing potent skin loving vitamins that help inhibit melanin transfer, Pond’s Perfect Colour Complex is the first skincare solution designed to fight 10 of the toughest dark mark problems including sun spots, pimple marks, and dull skin among others. It has proven to repair skin and give 96% protection against skin damage by fighting tough spots from the inside, revealing an even toned complexion with a beautiful glow on the outside.

The Shocking Truth About 10 Minutes

Scientists have discovered that the average amount of UV reaching the Earth's surface has significantly increased over the last 30 years due to the decrease of ozone in our atmosphere. Shade offers little relief, with pavements reflecting up to 45% of damaging UV rays.

Even indoors, our skin is under threat from deep penetrating UVA rays, 70% of which pass through glass. What’s more, rising pollution levels make things worse. According to scientific research, our faces are bombarded by about 1.2 million particles a day. Imagine how many particles can build on our face in 10 minutes. These particles are 200 times smaller than visible pores, and are believed to be able to penetrate deep into skin causing 20% more spot formations.

“Combined, these factors rapidly weaken our skin inside, creating the toughest dark spots on the outside. To combat these aggressors, our new Vitamin B3+ technology, consisting of potent skin loving vitamins, offers multiple benefits like the inhibition of melanin transfer, reduction of damage messengers, and increasing overall protection power of the skin, so that skin is strong on the inside, and soft, clear and even toned on the outside.” said Kathleen Mackenzie, Unilever’s R&D Expert, Beauty.

“Today’s modern woman wants more than just even toned skin; she wants an even toned complexion with a beautiful glow. At The Pond’s Institute, we believe that the new Pond’s Perfect Colour Complex gives skin the inner strength to conquer this modern world,” says Unilever Personal Care Public Relations Manager, Sphelele Mjadu.

“It is a skincare solution that can help women achieve even toned skin by repairing and protecting their skin from an unforgiving environment and fading away even the toughest spot problems. We are heartened by the results from our consumer trials that showed 91% of women tested agreed that the product gave them perfect colour skin, reduced dark marks and helped to even skin tone while giving a beautiful matte look.”

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