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Robertsons reinvention kitchen


Discover the pop-up that changes everything, every day.

South Africa Year end with a twist

The Spice People celebrated with Johannesburg’s food lovers in The World’s First Pop-Up that changes everything, every day.

On Thursday 21 September until Monday 25th September, Robertsons, The Spice People, opened their doors to The ‘Robertsons Reinvention Kitchen’, a once-off Pop-up restaurant that changed everything, everyday.

Each day, for 5 days, the pop-up reinvented itself to celebrate the country, the cuisine and the culture of various locations where The Spice People expertly source their individual herbs and spices, that are master blended into their top brown spices, Barbecue Spice, Chicken Spice and Steak & Chops blends.

“Having gone to the ends of the earth to source the best herbs and spices, we knew we’d have to travel off the beaten track with our Reinvention Kitchen, bringing South Africans a unique food experience that highlights the superior sourcing locations and blending expertise that go into our signature blends. You will find our passion and knowledge, brought to life through new and exciting takes on 5 different cuisines and the countries,” explains Robertsons Jnr. Brand Manager , Laureen Mxoli.

The unstereotyped chefs that Robertsons partnered with during the pop-up were a line-up of 5 millennial chefs that are making waves in the arena of all things FOOD! From new takes on street food, to fine dining, each created a one-day-only menu inspired by the spice and its country of origin, so guests could explore the aromas, sights and sounds of each of the countries.

From spicy, aromatic Nutmeg sourced in Indonesia, to Pimento sourced from the Mexican, the distinctively sweet and delicate Egyptian Marjoram, to the fiery Chilli sourced from Indian and our very own home-grown Paprika (Celebrated on heritage day), the Reinvention Kitchen came alive with global and local flavours.

The week trended top 2 on most evenings with the likes of Rikku Ó’Donnchü , Zola Nene, Ash Heegar, Lentswe Bhengu and , Vusi Ndlovu, host Lorna Maseko and many other Influncers leading the conversations.

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