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Same dress three times? Why not?


#SkipCareChallenge with Enhle

Woman with blue dress

Style icon Enhle Mbali Maphumulo recently did the unthinkable when she wore her wedding dress for a second time on the runway.

A few weeks later Skip challenged her to wear the same Gert Johan Coetzee dress to three major events in just 10 days.

Skip and Enhle were making a powerful statement that resonates with women living with real budgets; that you can repeat and be stylish.

One critical element in a successful repeat is cleaning the item properly and caring for it well. Which is why the Skip Care Challenge came about, to not only challenge social norms but also to demonstrate that, with proper maintenance, the item can look new for longer and be worn again and again and again. This activation was part of the launch of the new Skip semi-conc liquid. The objective was to leverage Enhle’s celebrity status and boldness to repeat, to amplify the functional benefits of Skip; ie bobble removal; fibre protection and colour enhancement.



Top Tips to Repeat with Style:

  • Pair it differently. Add new elements and colours to the overall look with a sweater or bright shoes. Bold belts can really alter the shape and catch the eye.
  • Change yourself and not the dress. Be strikingly different and make a statement with your hair, your makeup or your accessories like a statement handbag.
  • Restyle the garment. Shortening a dress, re-shaping the neckline or dyeing it a new colour are obvious ways to rejuvenate a garment but you can also add an element like a patch or some buttons, or create a ragged hemline. Clever tailoring can work wonders.
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