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Let’s work together to beat day zero


South Africa is facing water scarcity and it is crucial that everyone plays their part to help save water. Over the past few months the whole of South Africa has been having it hard with no regular rain in our provinces, especially the Western Cape Province, Cape Town. At Unilever, we’re committed to doing our bit in ensuring that water shortage across the country doesn’t reach that disastrous point of no return where they’ll be nothing but dry lands.

This is why we have made it our mission to halve the amount of water that consumers have to use when using our products by 2020. Simply put, we’ve had to adapt to the needs and surroundings of our fellow South African’s who are faced with the devastating effects of this drought on a daily basis. This is why we’ve worked tirelessly in ensuring that our range of products uses less water than other alternatives, and in some cases zero water at all!

And we will continue to do so, find out how you can do your part in helping to save water, and which of our products can help you do so.

Sunlight 2in1 Handwashing Powder

How often do you find yourself handwashing your clothes? In some households, handwashing is an everyday occurrence, while in others it’s more of a once or twice a week routine. But, whether you handwash your clothes every day or on the odd occasion, you should use Sunlight 2 in 1 with Easy Rinse technology. Not only does this helpful handwashing powder require less water than other alternatives, but every 2kg bag can also help you save 160 litres of rinse water. Now you get sensational fragrance while using less rinse water giving you even more value.

Water Savers Sunlight

Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid

If there’s one habit that we need to shake, it’s filling our sinks with water before doing dishes, and then proceeding to rinse each and every dish once it’s been washed. Simply put, it’s a massive waste of water.

According to some sources, leaving the tap running while rinsing dishes can use up to 6 litres of water a minute (Davis,2014). With Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid, you can give your dirty dishes a tough degreasing without the need to rinse them afterwards. With the combined cleaning power of 100 lemons, Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid easily removes tough grease – leaving your dishes shining bright, residue free, and without the need for a thorough rinse.

Water Savers Sunlight Dishwahing liquid

Handy Andy Sprays

If there’s one thing you can always trust to find in many South Africa homes, it’s a bottle of Handy Andy. But did you know that this reliable brand has multiple variants apart from their cleaning cream? Like their range of cleaning sprays that require zero water for rinsing surfaces after they’ve been wiped down.

Handy Andy ActiFizz lifts and fizzes away dirt fast with its effervescent bubble technology. Dirt and grime are easily cleaned, leaving a spotless and hygienic surface with no need to use water. They’re also really easy to use – all you need to do is apply some of the Handy Andy Spray to any dirty surface and wipe it down quickly with a clean cloth.

Water Savers Handy Andy Sprays

Domestos Thick Bleach

When it comes to cleaning your toilet, you can’t exactly be too pedantic. Killing germs and acquiring that shine and shimmer is always the main goal, but how often do you find that one swirl of anti-bacterial toilet cleaner isn’t enough? And that whenever you apply it to your toilet you tend to follow up with multiple flushes, just to be safe? With Domestos Thick Bleach, you can bid goodbye to multiple flushes and second-guessing the cleanliness of your toilet.

Domestos Thick Bleach sticks to your toilet’s surfaces, giving you long-lasting protection against germs after your first application. This means that it requires fewer flushes, and therefore can help you save water!

Water Savers Domestos Thick Bleach

TRESemmé Dry Shampoo

During the water crisis we have been told time and again to try our hardest to save water while showering. One way we have been told to do this is by turning off the taps while applying soap and shampoo. Clean feels good but however as much you love that fresh ‘out the shower’ feeling with the recent water crisis we need to start conserving water more. TRESemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo removes unpleasant odours and extends your clean look for longer so you don’t have to wash your hair as frequently.

It’s perfect for refreshing your hair when shampooing isn’t an option. Infused with mineral clay citrus and the scents of crisp juicy fruits that gives way to a rosy floral bouquet the weightless mist revives limp lank locks by removing excess oil and impurities making your hair smell so clean and fresh no one will ever guess you skipped the suds. This professional dry shampoo leaves no visible residue even on dark hair. Professional stylists know you don’t have to lather up to get hair that looks, feels and smells great.

Water Savers TRESemme Dry Shampoo
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