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World Oral Health Day


Mentadent P challenges you to join the mission to beat tooth decay

School kids posing with Mentaden

Few things lift the spirits like the broad smile of a happy child. It’s a universal symbol of happiness, kindness and joy. So, it’s heart-breaking to realise that a preventable disease is causing our children unnecessary pain and affecting their education.

South African studies have shown that 60% of primary school children had tooth decay, and 80% of the tooth decay remains untreated.1-3 This can have a real impact on the quality of a child’s life. Cavities cause pain and decay can lead to absences from school and poorer performance - children with recent toothaches are 4 times as likely to do less well in school than their pain-free peers. Left untreated, tooth decay can result in difficulties eating and sleeping and may even impact child growth.

This year, on 20 March, World Oral Health Day, Mentadent P invites you to join them on their epic mission to banish tooth decay for good. To show your support, all you need to do is take a selfie of your smile, tag your teeth with #EverySmileMatters and #BrushBrush and we’ll donate a Mentadent P toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste to a child in need. Help us raise awareness of the importance of oral hygiene, and brushing every day, day and night.

As a part of the newly launched National Schools Hygiene and Sanitation Programme, in partnership with the Department of Basic Education, Mentadent P as a part of Unilever is teaching children the importance of brushing their teeth twice daily to prevent tooth decay. This 21-day behavior change programme will be rolled out in over 15 000 public primary schools across South Africa, reaching over 1 Million children every year of the next 5 years.

Crucially, over 90% of all decay is preventable. Ready to join the fight against tooth decay? Get involved by sharing these simple oral hygiene tips this World Oral Health Day.

Man taking picture with school kids

How you can help defeat tooth decay:

  • The easiest way to defeat tooth decay is by brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste like Mentadent P.
  • Brushing day and night with a fluoride toothpaste can reduce decay by up to 50%4.
  • Educating children about good oral health at an early age helps to build good brushing habits for life, helping in the fight against tooth decay.

Good Oral Hygiene habits to combat tooth decay:

  1. Limit sugar intake to minimise the risk of tooth decay
  2. Visit your dentist regularly for prevention and treatment

Tag your teeth with #EverySmileMatters and #BrushBrush.

Don’t forget, 20 March, share your smile and save someone else’s.

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4Versus brushing only once a day.

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