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Anele Mdoda joins the fight for School Sanitation


Domestos and newly announced Sanitation Brand Ambassador, Anele Mdoda commit to building 20 new school toilets in 2019

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In November 2018, TV and Radio personality Anele Mdoda stood before a roomful of some of the country’s most influential people at the World Toilet Day Flush Forum and urged them to do more to end unsafe and unhygienic sanitation in South African schools. At the same time she launched a crowdfunding initiative, together with Domestos, that aimed to raise R1 Million to build new toilets in one school.

It’s this commitment and passion that has led Domestos to partner with Anele as its official Sanitation Brand Ambassador, giving her an important mission, to help protect the future generation of South Africa.

“Domestos has already proved it’s unstoppable in its fight for clean, safe toilets for all, and so I have promised to be unstoppable as its new hygiene hero! I’m proud to be working closely with a brand that has proven its dedication to this cause and has already made a significant impact by providing hygiene education, janitor programmes and toilet renovations in schools. As mothers, we are all protectors of the future generation and I’m ready to fight for the safety and dignity of our little ones,” said Anele.

Unilever PR Brand Specialist of Home Care, Mandisa Mbenenge expressed that the brand is proud to be associated with Anele and looked forward to her contribution.

“We need passionate voices on our side to help us reach more people, make more impact, and Anele is the perfect partner for us. With a new, improved formula, with extended germ- and stain-fighting power, we are committed to championing hygiene in South African homes and with a commitment to build a total of 20 new school toilets this year, we are actively supporting the government’s Sanitation Appropriate for Education (SAFE) Initiative. We’re counting on the support of all South Africans to join our fight and become part of our team of unstoppable sanitation superheroes.”

Anele has pledged to use the crowdfunding initiative to raise more money to build two of these 20 school toilets in the coming months. “I hope I can once again count on the generosity and kindness of all South Africans to support us. This issue belongs to all of us and if we all work together, we can turn this around, and quickly!”

The Sanitation Appropriate for Education (SAFE) Initiative aims to eradicate pit latrines and other unsafe sanitation in schools and Domestos and other corporates and NGO’s have partnered with the government to help them reach their objectives on schedule.

“It’s thanks to the Flush Forum that partnerships like this have been formed and we have seen firsthand the importance of collaboration to tackle this enormous task,” said Anele, “Together we can end the school sanitation crisis and ensure all children have access to a safe and hygienic toilet at school.”

“Today, I broke ground for new toilets at Thembalethu Primary School in Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape, our first building project. Follow me on social media to find out more.”

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