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Introducing new Joko Pure Rooibos


Joko Rooibos is the new pure Rooibos offering on the market.

Joko Rooibos packshot

For centuries Rooibos has been known for its health and wellness benefits and distinctive, natural taste. Today, tea drinkers believe that all Rooibos teas are created equal… Rooibos is rooibos is rooibos, right?

Not if you are drinking 100% PURE Rooibos! Joko Rooibos is the new pure Rooibos offering on the market.

While other Rooibos tea bags may have additional granules in the bag, New JOKO Pure Rooibos tea is harvested from nature, made with only pure Rooibos, to deliver superior quality, so you can taste the difference! And pure Rooibos means even purer benefits for your body.

Not only has Joko introduced Joko Pure Rooibos, it has also introduced a flavour range for those who want the health benefits of Rooibos that also delivers on delicious taste.

The flavour range is a unique variety of flavours made from proudly South African fruit and plants. Marula (found only in the southern regions of Africa) and Honeybush (grown only in small areas in the southeast and southwest of SA) are variants known for their traditional health benefits and have been crafted into the new Joko Rooibos flavours. The range includes Rooibos with Honeybush, African Marula, Chamomile Marula and Caramel Marula.

In the Rooibos teas’ sea of sameness, Joko’s new Rooibos range is sure to provide something for everyone!

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