Dove repairs hair from the inside out

Care for hair better than ever before.

Unique ingredients

Lady washing hair in shower

The new Dove Damage Therapy range contains unique ingredients developed by Unilever scientists, which work with the hair’s natural structure to strengthen and restore it from the inside out.

Unlike other shampoos and conditioners which often just mask the symptoms of damage, Dove Damage Therapy contains microscopic molecules that can penetrate each strand of hair to repair damage from within. Known as Fibre Active Technologies, these tiny ingredients deliver nourishment deep into the hair.

The range also includes products designed to provide easy, effective care, such as deeply moisturising daily conditioners, indulgent repair masks and nourishing overnight treatments.

Dove's diagnostic haircare

To ensure consumers know what they’re up against when it comes to damaged hair, Dove’s research and development teams have come up with a handheld device which measures the condition of hair in seconds.

The Advanced Diagnostic Tool has been used in stores to analyse the extent of damage to shoppers’ strands, allowing Dove experts to prescribe the right Damage Therapy products to suit their needs.

“Our research tells us eight out of ten women suffer from damaged hair,” says Shweta Harit, Global Brand Director for Dove Body Wash. “So far, over 3,000 diagnostic tools have been ordered by stores around the world.”

An advertising campaign to promote the new range showcases some of the bizarre and extreme lengths women go to in pursuit of beautiful hair, set to the song My Favourite Things from the classic musical The Sound of Music. The message is that whatever women put their hair through, they can rely on Dove Damage Therapy for everyday care to help it stay in great condition.

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