Incorporating the power of scent

Scent can affect your mood, your memory, in fact, your entire sense of well-being. Here are some simple ideas from Snuggle, part of the Comfort family, to help you use the power of scent in every day life.

Knowing your nose

Comfort Fragrance

Did you know that scents have been casting their spells for thousands of years? What is it that makes aromatherapy work? Your nose knows – now you can too.

Anthropologists speculate that as early as 7000 BC, man anointed the body with fragrant ointments from oils and plants. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Chinese all used essential oils not only for bathing and perfume, but for healing as well. Today, we refer to the power of scents on our mental and physical well-being as aromatherapy.

The mystery of scents

The reason scents work (besides the fact that your olfactory nerves connect directly with your brain, where scent impulses create virtually instant memories) is something of a mystery. But the peace, energy or good night's sleep that scents can bring on are little short of miraculous.

Even if you're too busy to think of scent as a daily necessity, there are simple ways to incorporate the power of scents:

  • Wash your family's clothes in Snuggle's new Botanical Bliss Fabric Softener. Whether you're tucking your children into clean sheets on their beds, enjoying the touch of a fresh towel against your skin after a shower or pulling on a crisp clean shirt in the morning, new Snuggle Botanical Bliss fabric softener, with its gentle hint of camomile and lavender, will be there to ensure your day is improved by the power of scent.
  • After showering, consider using a scented hand and body lotion. Fragrance lasts longer on skin that's moisturised rather than dry.
  • After you shampoo, spray a little fragrance on your hair and on the palms of your hands.
  • Tuck a fresh rosemary or lavender sachet in your lingerie drawer or linen cupboard for a lovely and surprising effect (rosemary and lavender are believed to help alleviate nervousness).
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