6 ways deodorant is just like your BFF

The qualities we look for in our beauty products are a lot like those we look for in our friends. We can all agree that the basis of a great friendship is respect, loyalty and trust. As long as you have those, you could be looking at a very special bond that lasts a lifetime. Beauty products aren’t that dissimilar. And the most solid relationship out of all our products, our most loyal partnership, the beauty equivalent to our real-world Best Friend Forever? The one with our deodorant.

Here’s Why:

Woman applying deoderant after showering
  • They never let you down. Just as you can rely on your BFF to drop everything and come running with chocolate when you’re feeling down, you can trust your antiperspirant deodorant to make sure you don’t need to think twice about running for the bus. You know you’ll arrive at work just as fresh as you started out.
  • They boost your confidence. You can always trust your best friend to tell you that that guy didn’t deserve you anyway, and that you look great in your new skirt. Your deodorant gives you the confidence to raise your arms without a second thought.
  • They don’t neglect you. With a great friend, your life is just as important as hers, and she always remembers to text you straight after your work review to ask you how it went. A great deodorant doesn’t neglect you, either – your skin that is – soothing it after shaving and leaving it soft and smooth.
  • They fit in your handbag. OK, TECHNICALLY, she probably doesn’t. But she’s always on the end of the phone – which fits in your bag excellently, just like our Dove Original Antiperspirant Roll on Deodorant opens in a new window.
  • They push you to be your best. Your best friend believes in your potential and is always encouraging you to fulfil it, whether it’s setting up that business you’re always talking about or signing up for yoga classes. And all the while, your antiperspirant deodorant is giving you the confidence to try new things.
  • At your core, you know your relationship is completely genuine and she’ll always be there. And just like trendy new nail polishes and fancy serums, exciting new people will come and go, but whatever happens, you two are solid as a rock, and nothing will ever take her place.
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