Even & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Cream

Giving SA women access to an effective face cream for as little as R5.

Ponds Even & Lovely

Every woman deserves the right to feel beautiful, which is why Unilever has launched a new, affordable face care brand for the South African market.

Even & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Cream is an affordable, quality face cream, developed specifically for African skin that addresses the five face care concerns of sun darkening, dark marks and patches, spots, dullness and roughness.

“We identified a need for an effective face care product that would be affordable to women with limited income who still want to take the best care of their skin,” said Unilever PC PR Manager, Sphelele Mjadu, “Currently the options on shelf feel limited to those of inferior quality that don’t do anything or worse, those that can potentially cause damage. We wanted to provide a dermatologically tested product, formulated specifically for African skin concerns that would be affordable, trustworthy and effective.”

Even & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Cream contains a potent antioxidant formula including Vitamins B3, E and C that work deep inside the upper layers of skin to help reduce excess melanin production and uneven distribution of melanin, promote skin renewal and ultimately deliver a more even toned and blemish – less complexion.

The Even & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Cream formula also contains glycerin and is clinically proven to provide 24-hour long-lasting moisturisation to make skin softer and smoother over time.

“We’ve conducted extensive market research and product testing and feel confident that South African women are going to really love this new product,” said Sphelele, “Added to this, we are delighted to announce that the beautiful Nolo Phiri is the face of the new brand, which we believe will excite our consumers even more!”

“I am very happy to have been chosen as the face of new Even & Lovely in South Africa,” said Nolo, “It’s wonderful to be a part of something right from the start and watch it grow, so that will be very exciting for all of us. I also really love the idea of giving all women the opportunity to take care of their skin, whatever their means. All women deserve to feel beautiful, every day.”

As part of its ambition to make quality face care affordable and readily available to more women, NEW Even & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Cream will be available in 50ml and 25ml tube formats as well as a 9ml sachet that will retail for just R5,00.

To improve availability, the product will not only be available at leading supermarkets and drug retailers, but will also be stocked in local retailers and Spaza shops.

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