Jericho Advertising scoops Unilever Ubuntu Award

In partnership with the Loeries

Cape Town, 20 September 2014 - Peter Cowan, Chairman of Unilever South Africa, proudly presented the Africa & Middle East Unilever Ubuntu Award to Jericho Advertising for its Sunlight Ray of Hope Campaign for the Sunlight 2 in 1 product Zimbabwe Campaign. The award was presented at the Awards Ceremony of the 2014 Loeries, held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on the 20th of September 2014.

Jericho Advertising emerged as a winner amongst tough competition from the finalists for this award. Other contenders were; BBDO for its S.E.E.D Library campaign for Exclusive Books, Launch Factory for its Vodafone Healthline campaign, Native VML for its Bookly campaign for Modjaji Books, Ogilvy Public Relations South Africa for its Add Hope/Faces of Hope campaign for KFC South Africa and Young & Rubicon South Africa for the Khayelitsha Cookies’ Scrumptious Cookies campaign.

Launched in 2013, the Unilever Ubuntu Award represents a call to action for the entire communications industry to take up the challenge to positively impact the world and utilise its leverage to create a change in corporate and consumer attitudes and behaviour. It is about recognizing companies that make good corporate neighbours, and are able to do good while doing good business.

“The partnership with the Loeries and the Unilever Ubuntu Awards is a clear demonstration of our commitment to our vision to make sustainable living commonplace across the entire value chain,” said Peter Cowan, Chairman of Unilever South Africa.

In 2010 Unilever launched its Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP). This aims to grow the business while reducing its environmental footprint and increasing Unilever’s positive social impact. Through this strategic plan, Unilever does not only take responsibility for its own direct operations but for its suppliers, distributors and most importantly, for how consumers use their products.

This plan aims to create a Brighter Future for all South Africans through many programmes that are linked to Unilever’s much loved brands with a purpose. Through the Knorrox Kitchen Queens programme, employment opportunities have been created for women in communities. The aim of this initiative is to identify and empower 1,500 community caterers, who will in turn create employment opportunities in their communities through the Knorrox Catering Events.

In an effort to improve the health of communities, brands such as Flora are being utilised to empower people to take care of themselves and their hearts. A cholesterol lowering campaign, where Flora took over the whole town of Villiersdorp, held early in 2014, showed how easily habits and attitudes towards heart health can be changed for the better.

In addition to these initiatives, Unilever’s Domestos brand launched the “Cleaner Toilets, Brighter Future Campaign” which looks at renovating toilets at primary schools in order to address the urgent issues of insufficient sanitation in schools in South Africa.

“Unilever is honoured and privileged to be able to sponsor the Ubuntu Award. This award highlights the great potential for social impact that is created when corporations and organisations work together to bring about positive change in a society,” concluded Cowan.

Unilever South Africa - Unathi Mgobozi External Affairs Manager

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