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Shield MotionSense: the more you move, the more it works!


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Shield MotionSense is the world’s first anti-perspirant with unique microcapsules that are activated by movement.

SA Shield MotionSence

Shield, South Africa’s number one selling deodorant brand, has launched Shield MotionSense, the world’s first anti-perspirant with unique microcapsules, activated by movement. This breakthrough, patented technology delivers bursts of freshness as you move, leaving you feeling fresh and protected throughout the day.

Shield MotionSense is the next generation in anti-perspirants with advanced motion-activated technology. Tiny microcapsules ‘burst’ when activated by friction, releasing freshness when you need it the most.

“Moving and being active is part of our everyday lives – the way we walk, run, dance and play. Understanding how the body moves has helped us develop this revolutionary anti-perspirant technology,” says Sue Carruthers, Shield Brand Manager at Unilever. “New Shield MotionSense is our premium range that gives you the freedom to keep moving with confidence, so you can enjoy living.”

Most deodorants work more or less the same with freshness fading during the course of the day. Shield MotionSense moves with you throughout the day, keeping you protected so you don’t have to re-apply.

“Those unexpected moments when the adrenalin starts pumping and the sweat starts flowing can happen at any time during the day. Thanks to the unique body-responsive technology which releases extra protection as and when you need it, you’ll know that your Shield MotionSense will never let you down,” says Carruthers.

Shield MotionSense will be available for both men and women in anti-perspirant roll-on (R28.99) and aerosol (R28.99) from 1 March 2016 nationwide.

SA Shield MotionSence Men
Shield motion sense is the world's first anti-perspirant with unique microcapsules that are activated by movement
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