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Unilever lights up for pride


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Durban Pride Week

Pride lights

Durban, 23 June 2017 – For the second year running, Unilever South Africa will celebrate Durban Pride and Pride Month by lighting up the sea-facing side of the building in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple lights that resemble the LBGTQIA pride flag.

The pride colours will shine brightly every evening, adding to the fun, colour and united atmosphere during Pride Month and the highly anticipated Durban Pride Liberation March and Festival taking place on Saturday, 24 June.

Unilever, the No 1 Top Employer in Africa, is committed to diversity and inclusivity in the workplace and, by supporting this initiative, aims to send a clear message out to both the public and their employees that our differences make South Africa stronger.

Mechell Chetty, Unilever Vice President of Human Resources said: “We are celebrating Durban Pride week with others to encourage society to be accepting of those they may not understand and to encourage our employees to feel free to be themselves and bring their full potential to the workplace.”

Chetty added, “Unilever believes that the working environment should be a place where all employees can thrive and achieve their goals in a supportive environment that is driven by a focused diversity and inclusive agenda.”

Unilever’s commitment to diversity and gender equality has also proved to be positive for business, helping the company’s retain top talent and contributing to their award-winning reputation as Africa’s Top Employer.

The lights will be on from 6pm till 10pm.

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