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Sunlight 2in1, partners with the Department of Water and Sanitation


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50 000 litres of JOJO tanks set to change the way business is done by cooperatives in eThekwini

Jojo tanks

The Department of Water and Sanitation estimates that the national water deficit is sitting at around 17% and this may have a negative impact in the businesses. With scarce water supplies and a growing population, Sunlight 2in1, in partnership with the Department of Water and Sanitation have handed over ten 5000-liter JOJO Tanks to co-operatives belonging to 6 wards within eThekwini Metro.

*With almost 40% of all insured businesses in South Africa relying on municipal water, nearly 49% of businesses show that the drought and water shortages are a threat to their survival. With the use of the JOJO tanks, finances relating to water bills will be reduced as the businesses would be self-sufficient when it comes to water.

“Sunlight2in1 is actively contributing in assisting to relieve the strain of limited access to water. As a brand offering products that are essentially water dependent Sunlight 2in1 recognizes the impact of climate change on water supply in the communities it operates. For this reason, we have remained committed to providing these co-operatives with the means harvest and store water,” says Lethepu Matshaba, Vice President of Home Care.

“These JOJO Tanks will become an economic resource for the purposes of businesses operating in the eThekwini Metro area. Inspiring these businesses to fully engage in the harvesting of rainwater to become less reliant on municipal water supplies. In these times where the business is faced with economic uncertainty, the water tanks will further save capital for many businesses,” explains Ms. Pamela Tshwete, Deputy Minister of Water and Sanitation.

The impact of water scarcity on South African communities cannot be overlooked. These rain water tanks in eThekwini Metro businesses are especially important as they empower them to contribute to the local economy.

“We are humbled to have the ability to embark on this project which has been instrumental in most South African businesses and the local communities. As a result, the communities have been welcoming this initiative which to a great extent have been affording them the capacity utilize the nature to overcome the challenges of water,” continues Matshaba.

Sunlight2in1 remains dedicated to advancing water conservation efforts as a way of making a tangible difference in the livelihood of communities.

“We believe that small adjustments can have major an impact. With our country currently experiencing a severe drought, every drop counts, and water saving has never been as essential,” concludes Matshaba.

*Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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