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Barbie-inspired ice cream dreams


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ola barbie cover

Ola Dream Box

Blue Horizon Licensing, the exclusive licensing agency for Mattel in South Africa, has teamed up with Ola ice cream to double the joy of indulging in a tub of creamy Barbie Ola ice cream, which not only tastes dreamy, but also aims to inspire Little Girls to Dream Big.

The new 1.8L Ola Barbie ice cream tub, which is currently available in-store, is South Africa’s first licensed ice cream tub aimed at the kids market. Inspired by Barbie’s favourite colour, it consists of three dreamy streams of ice-cream, strawberry, raspberry and vanilla, all swirled together to create the ultimate pink taste sensation.

But it is the packaging that makes this product truly stand out from the crowd. In-line with Barbie’s global marketing campaign to remind little girls that “You can be Anything”, the ice cream is packaged in four unique, career-themed tubs, decorated with artwork that aims to inspire girls to reach their full potential, seeing past traditional gender, race, and socio-economic barriers.

And the dreaming doesn’t end when the ice cream is finished - because Blue Horizon Licensing and Ola have created a series of collectable stickers that transform the empty tubs into a variety of make-it-yourself play boxes that inspire career-focused play.

Dubbed Ola Barbie Dream Boxes, they not only encourage girls to recycle, but also inspire them to use their imaginations to create and build something from nothing specifically in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering the Arts and Maths) careers. “Barbie has always inspired little girls to follow their dreams, with careers over the years including that of computer engineer, astronaut, video game developer and robotics engineer.

Children learn through play, they are inspired through play, and we believe that these Ola Dream Boxes will encourage our next generation of girls to think bigger, and broader than ever before,” says Lezelle Britz, Managing Director at Blue Horizon Licensing.

While stocks last, parents will receive a limited-edition sticker pack with the purchase of any Ola Barbie ice cream tub, encouraging young girls to transform their tubs into Dream Boxes. With the purchase of an Ola Barbie Pop stick ice cream, they can also collect one of twelve mystery stickers.

And the cherry on top of this ice cream dream, is that between 14 June and 31 July 2019, young girls across the country will have the opportunity to win a dream career experience, which includes spending a day in her dream career, with an inspirational heroine. To enter, visit the Ola Facebook page and share your dreams.

“Ola has always stood for joy, and we believe that when every little girl is inspired to be whatever she dreams, the world will be a happier, more joyful place,” concludes Odele Sheik, Ola Senior Brand Manager. “Ola Barbie not only tastes dreamy, but inspires dreaming too. It’s a perfect pink partnership.”

Ola and Barbie believe that when every girl is inspired to dream big, the world will be a happier place. Share and let’s get the world to see the potential of all girls. #YouCanBeAnything

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