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South Africa’s number one face care brand, tried and tested by generations of women

Pond’s is a skincare brand sold in an affordable price bracket. The brand has a long heritage, dating back to the 1840s when the first product was sold in New York.

A rich heritage

The impressive track record of POND’S began when Theron T. Pond, a pharmacist from New York, introduced 'Pond's Golden Treasure' in 1846, a witch-hazel based wonder product. In 1886 the product was re-launched and in 1914 POND’S Cold Cream and Vanishing Cream marked the brand’s evolution to a beauty icon.

In the 1920’s, POND’S invented the Skin Care Regime, from giving tips on how to become more attractive, to informing women about the need to have a skin care ritual.

POND’S was also the first face care brand to be endorsed by 1920’s European queens, duchesses, American society beauties and Hollywood actresses who praised POND’S as a trusted face care brand. POND’S made it clear that they truly understood a woman’s need for beauty and romance.

Powerful international presence

By the early 1980s, POND’S reached out to more women who wanted effortless beauty by building a powerful international presence. In 1987, POND’S was purchased by Unilever and became known as a “Global Master Brand”. Today, POND’S continues to be a well-known and trusted leader in skin care in over 50 countries.

Cutting-edge innovation

Ever evolving, by the 1990s POND’S quickly moved to the forefront of Colour Management development in Africa and Asia and had found breakthrough solutions to address the anti-ageing demands of women all over the world. Most recently, POND’S has launched products that include revolutionary new Intelligent Pro Cell Complex™ Technology that makes your skin act younger and Genactiv™ Technology that unlocks radiant skin! POND’S has dedicated itself to making cutting edge innovations so that women can experience effortless, natural and simple beauty.

Pond's promise

From a tiny homemade laboratory to today's state-of-the-art POND’S Institute, the promise has remained the same: to deliver face care products that make a real difference to women's skin and the way they live their lives. POND’S creates a personal and unforgettable skin experience, one complexion at a time.

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