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Enterprise and Supplier Development Fund

Historical marginalised suppliers

Unilever South Africa takes great pride in being a conscientious member of the corporate community. Our dedication lies in positively impacting South African society through proactive and significant engagement in corporate social responsibility. Furthermore, we perceive Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) as not only a strategic asset and competitive edge but also as an ethical obligation and statutory mandate.

Embracing BBBEE is instrumental in propelling positive transformation within our nation, fortifying relationships with stakeholders, expanding market prospects, and fostering innovation. Unilever South Africa’s investment in enterprises owned by historically marginalized communities is pivotal in stimulating employment, establishing profitable and enduring black-owned businesses, and spurring economic advancement that benefits all citizens of South Africa, thereby narrowing the persistent economic divide.

An enterprise and supplier development fund has been instituted to bolster the growth of eligible majority black-owned businesses through the provision of zero-interest financing. This initiative addresses two fundamental challenges encountered by small enterprises: the struggle to obtain financial backing and the capability to secure contracts from Unilever or receive assistance in acquiring future opportunities.

The overarching goal is to cultivate sustainable black-owned enterprises that contribute to economic expansion, increase employment for South Africans, and initiate community projects that might not otherwise materialize. For additional details on how to obtain financial aid for your business, please follow the provided link to submit your application.

ULSA ESD Fund application link

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