Remember when you were a child? How you were free to explore, returning home covered in dirt and other stains that you wore like the badges of an intrepid discoverer?

Dirt is good!

Although it might sound strange, Omo, to say this. Like you, we believe that this type of dirt is good: As it's an important part of a child's development. It's how kids learn, express their creativity and even bolster their immune systems.

Giving your kids freedom learn & grow

More significantly, the idea that dirt is good isn't simply a catchphrase for OMO. It lies at the core of our brand, supported by patent-protected technology that gives your kids the freedom to get dirty, safe in the knowledge that OMO will remove those awkward stains. Omo’s superior formulation offers South Africa’s best ever stain removal, which cleans deep inside pockets, where kids often store their little discoveries.

We believe that dirt is a valuable way to enrich our lives, both young and old, and it's obvious you agree.

Enabling everyone to realise their potential

To ensure that everyone, everywhere, can share in this initiative, we're investing heavily in developing a range of products that suits the pockets of all income groups.