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More mmm for your money.

South African homes have been covered with the delicious smell of Rajah Curry Powder for many years. You know that it is Rajah’s aroma that tells you that you’re using quality curry powder, that is the best for your family and for your pocket. We all know it makes us proud to have our family love the food we make. Rajah has that special flavour and aroma that gives you and your family …. More mmm for your money!

Did you know?

It is a brand considered as a traditional cooking aid in the pot, an essential to any sishebo for adding taste, colour and aroma.

Key facts

  • Rajah is the Unilever’s local jewel in the curry powder category in South Africa. A brand under the Robertson’s banner.
  • Rajah is market leader in curry powders with dominant market share.
  • Key passport factors are colour, aroma and delicious taste to any meal and Rajah is the essential

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