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Magnum’s new vegan mini range offers bite-sized introduction to Veganuary


How’s this for a perfect start to a plant-forward new year? Magnum has launched a mini-sized multi-pack of vegan ice creams and a new and improved recipe to its vegan core range. Two great reasons to introduce your tastebuds to non-dairy this Veganuary.

Woman sitting  beside a table with a multi-pack of vegan Mini Magnums and holding a vegan Mini Magnum in her hand

In 2021, a record-breaking 500,000 people globally (Opens in a pop-up window) signed up to eat only plant-based for the first month of the year. And in 2022 pledges to Veganuary look set to be even higher.

In a survey of 2000 people (Opens in a pop-up window) in the UK, 33% said they were ready to commit to plant-based eating. But as with many resolutions, the challenge of 100% commitment can see many give up at the first hurdle.

Going ‘cold turkey’ rarely works. In the same survey, one in four didn’t expect to make it beyond a fortnight of plant-based eating due to lack of willpower, boredom and missing out on their favourite meals and snacks.

“It’s completely normal to find yourself struggling with the idea of cravings or giving up a particular food,” says Magnum Vice President Julien Barraux. “Most vegans stop eating animal products for ethical reasons, not because they don’t enjoy the taste of them.”

Transitioning to a new way of eating takes time if it’s going to sustainable. Instead of all or nothing, why not use Veganuary to explore what works for you and what doesn’t?

The first weeks of the new year can be your time to find your own rhythm for incorporating plant-based foods – whether that’s trying out a vegan alternative of a snack you love or a new recipe that swaps out meat or dairy for an alternative plant-based protein.

A bite-sized taster to plant-based

And here’s where Magnum can help.

Just in time for Veganuary, the brand is launching its award-winning vegan ice cream stick bars in a mini-sized multi-pack that include a selection of two winning vegan flavours: Magnum Vegan Classic and Magnum Vegan Almond. Two of the brand’s vegan flavours whose quality and taste saw them receive the PETA Vegan Food Award.

The new format offers consumers all the indulgence and pleasure of a vegan Magnum.

“Many of us begin January with the intention of taking a more mindful approach to what we eat,” says Julien. “Our naturally derived plant-based Vegan Minis allow consumers to indulge more often, in an eco-conscious way, with 100% Magnum pleasure.

“Research tells us 60% of Gen Z and millennials cannot get through the day without a snack, so our Minis are just the right size for a bite-sized introduction to plant-based ice-cream,” he adds.

Just like their full-sized siblings, each Mini Magnum is richly coated in dairy-free chocolate made from coconut oil and cocoa butter from sustainably sourced West African cocoa certified by The Rainforest Alliance.

Their smooth ice cream is made from pea protein flavoured with high-quality Madagascan vanilla. A delicious combination that provides tastebuds with an indulgent creamy experience without the need for dairy.

New Vegan Hazelnut Crunch stick sitting on a dark table surrounded by dark chocolate chips
Introducing Vegan Hazelnut Crunch, the latest flavour to be added to Magnum’s range of vegan ice cream sticks

A new favour for the New Year – Vegan Hazelnut Crunch

And Magnum is not leaving out lovers of full-sized desserts. There’s a new year treat in store for them too. The brand is expanding its portfolio of vegan flavours with the introduction of Vegan Hazelnut Crunch.

The new addition promises consumers a velvety duo of hazelnut and caramel flavoured ice cream swirls encased in a layer of luxurious plant-based cracking chocolate with crunchy hazelnut pieces. And one more flavoursome way to experience 100% Magnum pleasure, without any dairy.

Increasing consumers’ options to try plant-based products is something that’s also appreciated by the team behind Veganuary. “We’re thrilled that Magnum is launching vegan Magnum Minis and Vegan Hazelnut Crunch this January,” says Veganuary’s Head of Communications Toni Vernelli.

“Veganuary’s role is to help people choose plant-based foods, whether their motivation is health, planet, people or animals. And it is much easier to persuade people to try vegan if there is plenty of great-tasting, high-quality food like this readily available in stores,” she adds.

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