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Unilever Men Alliance Team Empowering Young Leaders of Tomorrow


Boyz2Men 20 young boys and the organisation Leaders

International Men's Day is celebrated worldwide in November, as a day that highlights the positive value in which men bring into their families and communities. It also raises awareness around men’s overall well-being, particularly mental health as studies have shown that the male suicide rates in South Africa, have been increasing over the years. According to the Vital Statistics Rapid Release report, suicide rates for males in the age groups 15–24, 25–34, 35–44, and 65–74 increased significantly, with the largest percentage increase of 8% for those aged 15–24.

Mental health in men is often overlooked within society, and the alarming statistics show that there’s a need for more awareness around the mental health as well as acting in creating safe spaces for male conversations.

The topics each speaker covered were around empowering men to break down barriers standing between them and self-care, and for them to embrace positive masculinity, male well-being, and modern, active fatherhood. The young boys were joined by the employees from the factory who also took an oath to support a boy child in being a positive role model and leading by example.

The day ended off with a view of factory operations where the young boys asked many questions as many of them, are currently deciding on their career paths. Many of the young boys engaged with their older male counterparts, taking in the pearls of wisdom not only from the guest speakers but from the Unilever male employees as well.

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