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Sunlight South Africa wins Product of the Year in Six Categories


Sunlight recognised as winner of 6 categories in product of the year 2022

Unilever South Africa Home Care is delighted to announce that Sunlight has won Product of the Year in six categories for 2022. This prestigious international award operates in 40 countries and is based on voting by consumers in each country. South Africa has once again demonstrated that Sunlight is a beloved brand by voting for Sunlight Summer Sensations 2-in-1 Auto Washing Liquid, Sunlight Regular Laundry Bar Soap, Sunlight Automatic Dishwashing Machine Tablets, Sunlight Pine Gel, Sunlight Regular Hand Dishwashing Liquid, andSunlight Spring Sensations 2-in-1 Hand Washing Powder. Says Caroline Blumrick, Senior Marketing Manager: “Sunlight is a well-loved brand in both the homes and the hearts of South Africans. We design for value and performance and POTY is an outstanding result of this commitment.”

Sunlight has been an iconic brand in South Africa for over 120 years. “South Africans have always known they can trust Sunlight to provide excellent cleaning, so we’re honoured to be recognised for that with this award,” says Kristen Harris, Sunlight Brand Manager. “The brand is well known for its longevity and staying power in the market, as well as for continuous innovation to keep our products up-to-date with consumer needs and market demands.”

Sunlight continues to perform well in various home cleaning categories with a range of products designed to provide #MoreThanYouExpect. From a simple laundry bar to a 2-in-1 Auto Washing Liquid, Sunlight works hard to give more value and consistent quality, which is why consumers trust the brand and vote with their purses as well as their voices. “Sunlight dish is such an iconic brand, loved by millions of South Africans. We are truly honoured by this recognition and will continue to work to deliver value and efficacy for our consumers,” says Sunlight Dish Brand Manager Shivani Moodley.

Sunlight’s iconic dishwashing liquid withTriple Action Degreasing epitomises the brand promise, and is one of our award winners. “Sunlight gives South Africans a brand that gives them value for their money and makes life easier,” says Machine Dish Assistant Brand Manager Smangele Msimang.

The Sunlight range includes both hand and automatic laundry and dish solutions, personal cleansing soaps, fabric softeners and a multipurpose cleaning gel. “Sunlight Pine Gel is the one product that does it all,” says Ammarah Chand, Hard Surface Cleaning Brand Manager, and “We are so proud of this win”, says Assistant Brand Manager for Hard Surface Cleaning, Beverley Baksa.

Unilever is confident that William Lever, who originated Sunlight over 120 years ago to help people more easily keep their homes clean, would be justifiably proud of Sunlight products being voted Product of the Year 2022.

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