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Handy Andy Lavender Scented Cleaning Cream Benefits


Discover the benefits of using lavender scented cleaning cream for your surfaces. Learn how it can leave your space not only spotless, but also fragrant and refreshed. Explore the advantages of incorporating lavender into your cleaning routine.

Handy Andy Cream

Handy Andy Lavender Scented Cleaning Cream Benefits

Imagine the sweet, floral scent of lavender wafting through your home, all year round. When you use Handy Andy Cream Cleaner with lavender scent, you’ll not only gently fragrance your home but you’ll give the areas you’ve cleaned a hygienic and spotlessly clean. What’s more, you’ll be benefiting the environment in the long run too.

Handy Andy lavender scented cleaning cream is the solution to your cleaning needs. Our lavender scented cream will lift the toughest of stains from your surfaces and leave it shiny. Let’s learn more about the multipurpose cream cleaner range and why lavender is such an important scent for you and your home.

Benefits of Handy Andy Cream Cleaner Range

Handy Andy has been a household name in cleaning for generations in South Africa. The new cream cleaner range is no exception. The cream cleaner range is ideal for busy areas in the home like kitchen counters, baby high chairs, bathroom counters and sinks. Here are the top benefits of using Handy Andy Cream Cleaner in your home:

Removes stubborn dirt and grease in the kitchen like burnt-on foods, grease stains and other food prep mess.

Gets rid of water marks, grime, mould and dirt in bathroom areas like countertops, sinks, baths and showers.

Leaves no residue behind on the surfaces

How does Handy Andy Cream Cleaner benefit the environment?

One of the most important benefits of the new Cream Cleaner range, is the environmental impact it has. Handy Andy has “cleaned up” the formula so-to-speak and it now contains 100% natural cleaning particles. The new formulation is now kinder to you, your family and the environment. In addition, 20% of the packaging has been recycled on the new bottles. Handy Andy is moving toward more recycled plastic packaging goals and hopes to have 100% recycled packaging in the near future.

Benefits of Lavender in the Home

Lavender is one of nature’s most beautiful scented plants. It grows well in the South African climate and when the scent is incorporated in cleaning products and other household products in the home, it can leave the gentle smell of lavender in your home. There have been several studies done on the power of lavender and the beneficial effects of having the scent in your home. When you use lavender cleaning products, you’ll be bringing that lavender scent into your home too.

Other Scents in the Handy Andy Cream Cleaner Range

Apart from lavender, there are several new scents in the Handy Andy Cream Cleaner range that will also leave a scent in the home long after you’ve finished using it. Try these Handy Andy Cream Cleaner scents to see which is your favourite:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon
  • Potpourri

Learn more about the Handy Andy Cream Cleaner range and how the new formula has improved. Read our blog The New Handy Andy Cream Range now.

How To Use Handy Andy Cream Cleaner Range?

The new formulation of the Handy Andy Cream Cleaner range is now even tougher on dirt and grease than ever before. The get the best results from the multipurpose cleaner, all you need to do is;

  • Pour the cream cleaner directly onto the surface you are wanting to clean.
  • Using a clean, damp cloth, wipe the area down and watch how the cleaner removes dirt, grease and grime instantly.
  • Using a new, clean cloth that is slightly damp, give the area one more wipe to get an extra shine.

For more home cleaning tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Handy Andy Lavender Scented Cleaning Cream

What is a cream cleaner used for?

Handy Andy Cream Cleaner can be used as a multipurpose cleaner to clean a range of surfaces in the home especially in the kitchen, bathroom and outdoors.

Is the Handy Andy cream cleaner eco-friendly?

Handy Andy Cream Cleaner is made with 100% natural cleaning particles and leaves no residue behind on the surface.

Where can I use lavender-scented cleaning cream in my house?

Use on any surface or object that needs cleaning especially in kitchens, bathrooms, floors and on dishes too.

How long does the scent of lavender-scented cleaning products last?

When you use handy Andy Cream Cleaner with Lavender Scent, you’ll ensure that the scent of lavender is infused throughout your home for a few hours after using the product.

What can you clean with Handy Andy?

It is a multipurpose cleaner and therefore can be used to clean a range of surfaces and objects around the home.

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