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The New Handy Andy Cream Range


Handy Andy Cream Range image

Handy Andy Cream

Stubborn dirt and grease are no match for the new Handy Andy Cream range of superior degreasers that get right to work to clean 100% of dirt and grime with natural cleaning particles. The new Handy Andy Cream range offers a range of new scents, new packaging and most of all, a new and improved formulation that promises to clean better and leave no harmful residue behind.

What Is The Handy Andy Cream Range?

The Handy Andy Cream cleaner has 100% natural cleaning particles. Here are a few of the key benefits to using the new range in your home:

  • The new range promises to remove stubborn dirt and grease like burnt food in the kitchen and harsh watermarks in the bathroom.
  • The new Handy Andy product range leaves no harsh chemicals behind as residue and won’t damage most surfaces either and is therefore safe to use on food preparation areas like counters and highchairs.
  • It is also moving toward the company’s Clean Future goals with new packaging that contains 20% recycled plastic in the bottle as they move to 100% recycled plastic packaging in the near future.

The New Scents In The Handy Andy Cream Range

We say goodbye to old Spring Fresh and Ammonia variants of the cream cleaner, and hello to a more natural variety of scents in the range, which include:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon
  • Lavender
  • Potpourri

You’ll also be able to buy the new range in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, whether at home or for the office. You’ll find the range available in these size options:

  • 500ml bottles
  • 750ml bottles
  • 5l bottles
  • 750ml refill pouch

What Is The Difference In The New Handy Andy Cream Range?

The difference in the new Handy Andy cream range, apart from new packaging and a new design, is a multitude of additional benefits that you are going to love when using Handy Andy in your home:

  • Handy Andy has improved the formula of the range with better cleaning and grease removal properties thanks to the natural cleaning particles in the cream.
  • The cleaner now offers 100% biodegradable fragrances that gently scent your home but do not overwhelm the senses.

Try the new Handy Andy Cream range for yourself and you’ll see the superior cleaning power of the cream especially in your kitchen and bathroom. Which fragrance will be your favourite?

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