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The Unilever Jozini Agricultural Project - Nurturing Sustainable Communities


Unilever Southern Africa extended an invitation to ten farmer graduates from the Unilever Jozini Smallholder Farmer Project to visit our Indonsa Factory to gain firsthand experience into our production processes from farm to fork.

Jozini Smallholders Farmers at Unilever Indonsa Nutrition Factory.

About the Project and Purpose

The Unilever Jozini Smallholder Farmer Project is a collaboration between Unilever and the Provincial & National Departments of Agriculture launched in 2023, aimed at empowering Jozini farmers by equipping them with essential agricultural skills. Notably, 67% of the 100 participants are young individuals who have successfully completed the AGRI-SETA-accredited program. Over the next two years, the Jozini Farmers will receive mentorship to establish themselves as suppliers for Unilever and other food producers in South Africa.

Six Jozini young farmers.

Unilever South Africa’s Investment and Commitment

The Unilever Jozini Smallholder Farmer Project represents a substantial investment in sustainable agriculture and community well-being. Focusing on cultivating herbs and spices in the Jozini region, this initiative harnesses local resources and knowledge to create a resilient supply chain while simultaneously benefiting the local community both economically and socially.

Jozini farmers at Unilever South Africa heaquarters.

Unilever’s commitment to the Jozini Agricultural Project serves as a compelling example of how purpose driven initiatives can drive sustainable development and empower communities. By harmonising economic, environmental, and social objectives, Unilever not only strengthens its supply chain but also catalyses positive change in Jozini and beyond.

Given our unemployment rate amongst the youth, it is encouraging and inspiring to see young farmers dedicated to upskilling their craft and developing their businesses to better their communities.

Unilever, Investing in the future of our communities.

Jozini Smallholders Farmers at Unilever Indonsa Nutrition Factory.
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