Are you getting your five a day?

People are being told to get at least five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

A womans hand reaching into a basket of vegetables

But hectic modern lifestyles mean many people struggle to do so.

Fruit & vegetable first aid

But making sure that you're getting enough fresh food to maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be a chore – there are some simple steps everyone can take to boost their intake and reach the magic five-a-day total.

Shop smart

At home, you eat what's in your fridge or cupboards. So the first step is to buy more fresh fruit and vegetables. The second step is to buy products that contain prepared fruit and vegetables. They come in handy when you have little time, but still want to eat your five-a-day. It is best to plan the meals before you go, it means you buy enough of the right foods – and minimise waste.

You should also dare yourself to try something different the next time you're in the shops or in a restaurant – trying a new fruit or vegetable means you might discover something you love, and expand your fresh food repertoire.

Colour co-ordinated

A bright, colourful meal doesn't just look appetising, it's a good way to ensure that you're getting a healthy balance of essential minerals and vitamins. People have always been told to eat greens. But you should also try to regularly eat foods that are red (tomatoes, strawberries), orange (carrots, nectarines), blue/purple (aubergines, plums) and white (cauliflower, bananas).

You can use these foods to brighten up almost any meal – from your lunchtime sandwich or soup to your evening meal, whether that's a ready-meal, pasta dish, pizza or Sunday roast.

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