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Justin Apsey

Justin Apsey

General Manager - Southern Africa

With over 22 years of experience within Unilever, Justin joined Unilever in Customer Development via the Management Trainee program in January 2000.Over the years he occupied various roles across the business units in Customer Development and Marketing, including a 3-year expatriation to Australia.In early 2012, Apsey took up the role as Vice President of Homecare on the Unilever South Africa Board.

In February 2016, Justin moved to Nairobi, Kenya as Managing Director for East Africa and the Emerging Markets, responsible for transforming the cluster in service of driving Africa’s accelerated growth agenda. While in East Africa, Justin founded and led some of the regions milestone strategic partnership initiatives driven through employee purpose in action under the Bright Future Fund program, promoting circular plastic economy, youth skills empowerment, women entrepreneurship and community livelihoods.

In January 2021, after completing a four-year tenure as Managing Director, Justin started his role as Vice President - Africa Transformation at Unilever, as part of the Executive Leadership Team and moved to South Africa where he is currently based

In April 2022, Justin was promoted to Chairman of Unilever Southern Africa.

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