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Keegan Alicks

Keegan Alicks

BW & PC Business Lead - Southern Africa

Keegan has a rich career developed over 13 years at Unilever.

He started in supply chain after graduating with a B Com in Finance, Economics and Supply Chain. Keegan expanded the breadth of his business experience through time in Customer Development as Shopper Marketing Manager, and in Marketing as Marketing Manager before taking on the role of Marketing Director deodorants in October 2017.

As a testament to his passion, he has launched and grown leading beauty brands over the course of an accomplished career. With the characteristic courage of his convictions, Keegan has made a number of Unilever’s personal care brands a proud feature.

Keegan is armed with extensive understanding of the competitive market, and an always on learning mindset, giving him the edge to be positively disruptive and build truly purposeful brands.

A family man and father of two, he enjoys an active and connected lifestyle based on strong personal relationships.

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