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Even & Lovely

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Even & Lovely

Even and Lovely is a brand specifically developed for African skin that addresses the 5 face care concerns of sun darkening, dark marks and patches, spots, dullness and roughness. We aim to provide effective face care that is affordable for all South African Women.

Our Purpose

Even & Lovely’s purpose of entering Africa is to help bring superior products and evenness of opportunity amongst African women. As per statistics, there exists a large disparity of income within the society that puts any skilling or student fees beyond the reach of many women.

Even & Lovely seeks to remove women in Africa from this position of disadvantage by empowering them with superior products and training support to maximise their educational, occupational and economic opportunities

We Believe

In a world of Even Power and Opportunities.

In a world of no discrimination of jobs or education.

In a world beyond can and cannot.

In a world where dreams are scaled not by your bank account,

but by how fiery your ambition is.

We Believe

In a world of achievable future, not one seen through binoculars.

In a world where opportunities go beyond race.

And We Believe

In young Africa to achieve all this and more

by guiding it with a goal, a skill, an education that enables every black woman

set off in pursuit of what gets her soul afire.

...And Yes, We Believe

Once she achieves all that and more,

and South Africa becomes Even & Lovely as never before,

with her fiercely infectious energy

she will emerge victorious.


Our Face cream works on you face to give you the 5 signs of Even and Lovely Skin:

  • Even Tone Face
  • Soft Smooth Texture
  • Spot-less Skin
  • Brighter Complexion
  • Natural Glow

Contact Unilever about Even & Lovely

If you have any questions or comments about Even & Lovely, please visit our contact page.

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