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Handy Andy

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Handy Andy
Image of various Handy Andy products

Handy Andy has been a household name in cleaning for generations. South Africans have learned to trust Handy Andy to take care of their homes.

In more than 50 countries around the world, millions of people use Cif’s range of home care products to clean their kitchens, bathrooms, dishes, floors, and surfaces. Cif products come in various forms: creams, sprays, gels, wipes, and liquids. The brand is also known as Jif and Viss in different markets.

For generations South Africans have trusted Handy Andy to keep their homes beautifully clean, establishing it as a household name in cleaning that’s always top of mind. It’s no wonder Handy Andy Cream won the 2009, 2010, and 2012 POTY (Product Of The Year) award and was voted South Africa’s 7th most loved brand in the 2011 Sunday Times survey.

Handy Andy cream:

Handy Andy is committed to providing environmentally friendly products, which will help them achieve their Clean Future goals.

The new Handy Andy Cream Range promises 100% natural cleaning particles and leaves no residue behind on most surfaces. Our multipurpose cleaning cream is also safe for use around food preparation areas like counters or high chairs because of this nonscented formula! They're moving towards more recycled plastic packaging in the near future - currently at 20%.

The new Handy Andy Cream comes in a range of refreshed scents:

  • Eucalyptus: The new scent of clean for a refreshed, forest after scent.
  • Lemon: A naturally clean aroma, accented by the scent of citrus.
  • Lavender: An invigorating blend of lavender, for a sweet and floral scent.
  • Potpourri: A delightful infusion of seductive floral scents.

Handy Andy Creams are also available in a wide variety of sizes to suite your needs.

  • 500ml bottles
  • 750ml bottles
  • 5ml bottles
  • 5l bottles
  • 750ml refill pouches

Handy Andy Floor Cleaner:

Handy Andy Floor Cleaners provides you with an efficient way to clean your home's floors. With formulas that work on wood, tile, or laminate flooring as well as walls and other large surfaces in need of thorough hygiene treatment this product has it all! They contain acti-shine technology, which cuts through dirt and grime to leave a clean surface. The germs-fighting power of Domestos** will keep your home free from harmful bacteria or viruses

The Handy Andy Floor Cleaner is available in the following scents:

  • Pine Fresh
  • Ocean Fresh
  • Lavender Fresh

Handy Andy Floor Cleaners are also available in a wide variety of sizes to suite your needs:

  • 200ml Refill
  • 750ml Refill
  • 5L Refill

Handy Andy Spray Cleaners:

The Handy Andy UltraFast Sprays are the fastest way to clean your home. Just spray and wipe – no need for rinsing! The Triggers have been specially designed by professionals, so you can save time without sacrificing quality in any way whatsoever!

The Handy Andy Spray Cleaner range consists of the following variants:

Kitchen Cleaner Spray: Zesty Lemon scented and formulated to cut through grease quickly.

Pink Grapefruit Bathroom Cleaner Spray: Cleans limescale and soap scum, as well as everyday bathroom dirt, and leaves your bathroom surfaces sparkling.

Multipurpose Antibacterial Spray with bleach: Kills 99.9% of germs in areas all around the house.

Window & Glass Spray: For crystal clear and clean windows and glass.

The Handy Ultrafast Spray Cleaner range is also available in triggerless refill bottles. This means that you can use just about any trigger from any other spray cleaner product. This is another effort from Handy Andy to increase our Sustainability efforts.

If you have a trigger around the house that you really enjoy using, don’t chuck it! Keep it and screw it onto your new Handy Andy Ultrafast Spray refill bottle!

Handy Andy Surface Wipes:

Handy Andy Multi-Purpose Surface Wipes are perfect for hygienically cleaning tables, stoves, and toilets. These multi-purpose wipes can also be used on many other surfaces such as dishes or clothes in your washing machine! They're large (making them ideal) to cover even larger areas.

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