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4 Easy Ingredients to Grow at Home

Growing your favourite flavours at home needn’t be difficult with these windowsill wonders. Whether you want to grow them in a jar, container or in a small pot, these wholesome herbs and roots are our top choice to cultivate on your kitchen windowsill. Planting herbs at home allows you to have a rich variety of ingredients within arm’s length when you’re cooking for your family.

4 Easy Ingredients to Grow at Home

Lovely in salads, pastas or sprinkled over your morning eggs, chives have a delicate oniony taste and only need around 5 hours of sun a day. Great as both a versatile fresh ingredient and as a decorative plant – but ensure that these tall green towers get as much sun as possible.

Beautiful in beef roasts, in chicken stuffing, or in your very own home-made Napolitana sauce. Thyme prefers dry soil, so it doesn’t require too much water and can be grown from the cuttings of old plants or from seeds. Pick a spot on your windowsill where your thyme will get an even split of sun and shade.

This delicious root vegetable takes a bit longer to sprout so you will need to be patient with this one. Start by placing three seeds in wet soil in a small biodegradable pot. Make sure you choose a warm and sunny spot for them and water them regularly. After four to six weeks, once your seedlings have emerged and your beetroot has started to sprout, take your biodegradable pot and plant it in your garden. Beetroot is great in soups, when added to salads, or baked in the oven and enjoyed with a scrumptious Sunday roast.

Bring some refreshing aromas into your home by planting mint. This herb can be grown right next to your window and is great in thirst quenching iced teas, home-made ice creams and rejuvenating salads. Make sure to use it and trim it regularly so that the plant doesn’t take over and engulf your pot. Mint needs a lot of water, so if you’re planting it in the garden, a good place to grow it is under a garden tap.

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