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6 Steps to Sustainable Farming Care

At Unilever, we are committed to the global goals for sustainable development. The existing food system is in need of some re-thinking in order to support healthy and sustainable diets from farm to fork, within earthly boundaries. Unilever is dedicated to the transition to sustainable farming by taking action in these 6 areas, which will help achieve climate and development goals to support nutrition for all.

6 Steps to Sustainable Farming Care

1. Livelihood of farmers

There are 80% of small holder farmers that are living in poverty. Studies have shown that for every 10% increase in farm yields, there has been a reduction in poverty across Africa and Asia.

2. Water Management

Agriculture is responsible for using up to 70% of freshwater globally. Watershed management plans are critical in preserving the environmental, social and economic benefits of water.

3. Animal Rearing

By adopting sustainable practices in the livestock sector, we could cut methane emissions by 41%.

4. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Ensuring that agriculture doesn’t intrude on forest habitats is essential to all species preservation and carbon sequestration.

5. Waste Management

10-20% of Africa’s grain is lost after the harvest season. By improving harvesting techniques and storage infrastructure we could ensure that more food reaches people’s plates.

6. Soil Management

Maintaining healthy soils could produce over 50% more food and also provide carbon sinks which help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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