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Becoming a Dad and Challenging the Stereotype

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We all know the stereotype that seems to mould and shape boys as they grow up and start to become men. You know; the manly and burly provider, the less emotionally-inclined gender that regards emotions and sensitivity as a big no-no – that is until they become fathers.

 Becoming a Dad and Challenging the Stereotype

New studies have found that 82% of men today find or believe that having a child and becoming a father changes their opinions on what it means to be a man.

If you think about it, becoming a father is a huge emotional step to take. No longer do you only need to worry about yourself. You’ve brought a life into the world – an extension of you that is going to use the morals, beliefs, ethics and teachings you bestow unto it to form a personality. In a nutshell, the path your child takes comes down to YOU as a parent and a father. This is a lot of pressure to have to fully grasp.

The winds of change are blowing, and the so-called defined line between mother and father are starting to blur. For instance, fathers these days are relishing in playing supporting roles alongside their doting wives during supper time, working together with their perfect partner to create healthy and nutritional meals for their little ones TOGETHER. And it’s not only in the kitchen and at dinner time that we’re seeing this rampant change.

Men today are beginning to place value in the dual role of being both a provider and a caregiver, and many of them are sharing their caring side on social media more and more – thus opening up and showing their vulnerability. 42 percent of new dads post family-related status updates on a daily basis and this shows a big change in their attitudes towards being a father. Many men are beginning to realise that strength and emotion aren’t two mutually exclusive concepts, but in fact a partnership of emotions that seem to seamlessly come together at fatherhood.

All around us, the cultural norms are being challenged, and dads around the world are showing us their strength. This June is Men’s Health Month, aimed at creating awareness on male-related illness as well as celebrating Father’s everywhere.

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