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Do you know what it means to be a successful Agent of Change?

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At Unilever, we recognise that what we eat plays a role in ensuring a healthier, more sustainable future for people and the planet. This is a future in which health care professionals, chefs, government, NGOs and food companies can work together to drive transformational change in the way the world eats.

Do you know what it means to be a successful Agent of Change?

That is why this year, we are launching the Agents of Change Award, an award that salutes the work of registered Health Care Professionals and brings to life Unilever’s mission to drive nutritious, sustainable and inspiring food.

In this issue, we introduce you to our inaugural Agent of Change, Mr Stefan Van der Merwe, who founded CHOW, a company which helps people and healthier dishes in local restaurants. We also hear from Ms Lenore Spies, Director at the Nutrition Directorate at the Department of Health KZN.

We ask her how dietitians can help move the issues of nutrition up the public health agenda.

The Agent of Change booklet is filled with loads delicious healthy recipes, interesting facts about Unilever’s USLP plan and many more helpful tools.

We invite you to view the 2016 Agent Of Change booklet at to learn more.

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