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Learn to Stress Less

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Stress is widely referred to in medical circles, hospitals and doctors’ offices as the number one modern day killer. This might sound dark and ominous, but this taxing, strenuous and highly emotional tension can take an extreme toll on your body without you knowing.

So, what can we do to relieve daily stress?

Learn to Stress Less
  • Yoga and meditation

    Yoga and meditation can vastly rid your mind and body of unneeded stress. By taking a few minutes each day to become quiet and focus on your breathing, meditation helps to rid you of subconscious stresses while yoga helps you release the stress physically and calmly.

  • Discover good, new music

    Listening to good music, and discovering new music that you really enjoy can have a lot of benefits to your health and relieve stress in ways you wouldn’t have thought of. It can motivate you to go running, riding, and exercising in general. It can also increase our endurance while we exercise by subconsciously pushing us.

    Softer and more calming music can also improve our quality of sleep that often tends to deteriorate when we are stressed

  • Organise your life

    Decluttering and organising your home, closet or garage helps you achieve short term goals, and provides a clear vision of what needs to be done. Organizing living spaces that you are regularly in will help to declutter the chaos which can usually cloud the mind.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle

    Adopting a healthy diet and daily exercise routine can help your body release endorphins that trigger happy and positive emotions. This doesn’t have to be strenuous activities or hectic gym routines, just a simple walk around the neighborhood or cycling with friends to the nearest store.

  • Manage your diet

    Your diet can play a big role in keeping your stress levels under control. On the one hand, having a balanced and healthy diet and eating nutritional foods can help increase the levels of stress-fighting hormones in your body. On the other hand, eating unhealthy foods that are high in bad fats can make you feel lazy, lethargic, and uninspired – leaving your body defenseless to stress’s beckoning call. You know what they say: you are what you eat!

The reality of stress is scary, but now that we know all the facts, we can manage it and not let it take an extreme toll on our emotional and physical wellbeing. With the rush of everyday life, with different commitments and responsibilities, remember to take care of yourself too.

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