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Ola ice cream: responsibly made for kids

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Everyone deserves a joyous little treat from time to time. At Ola, we therefore strive to ensure our products offer something for everyone: whether you prefer biting or licking, scooping or munching, sweet or sour, or all of the above. Our aim is to offer the yummiest ice creams to brighten up your day and bring a smile to your face!

Ola ice cream

Our most precious consumers are kids, and although we appreciate how a simple thing like ice cream can bring them instant joy, such a treat is more than just fun! As a global ice cream maker, we seriously consider our role and impact. It’s our mission to offer responsible treats that empower parents and caregivers to make better choices that also bring happiness, joy, and excitement to their kids.

That’s where our ‘Responsibly Made for Kids’ promise comes in!

What is ‘Responsibly Made for Kids’?

We want to support parents and kids in making good choices, especially in the challenging context of a rise in childhood obesity and the vast number of products from which to choose. To achieve that, we are stepping forward and making a clear promise that is built around three fundamentals: Responsibly Communicated, Responsibly Sold, and Responsibly Developed.

We believe kids should be able to enjoy a delicious ice cream as an occasional treat, and have therefore carefully designed our ‘Responsibly Made for Kids’ product range.

Our global kids’ ice cream portfolio adheres to carefully self-imposed nutritional standards, as set out in Unilever’s Highest Nutritional Standards, which are based on World Health Organization dietary guidelines. Every Ola kids’ ice cream has been developed to contain no more than 460 kilojoules, a maximum of 12 grams of sugar, and 3 grams of saturated fat per portion.

Responsibly sold and communicated

Unilever South Africa is a signatory to the South African Marketing to Children Pledge to ensure responsible marketing to children. We therefore communicate about our products in a responsible way, in line with both the Pledge and our Principles on Responsible Food & Beverage Marketing to Children (PDF 1.06 MB). We use our point-of-sale communications to indicate to parents and caregivers which products are Responsibly Made for Kids so that they can make good choices when buying our products. For this, we have created helpful signposts: our kids’ product packs and price cards carry the Responsibly Made for Kids logo to help parents and caregivers easily identify them.

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